Please be aware of these regulations which are designed to benefit the entire Township.

Permits: required for any improvements to your property. These include new buildings and additions to existing structure, including sheds and garages, and any electrical, plumbing or HVAC work. Permits are also required for swimming pools over 12” in depth, fences, drives, walks, curbs, decks, patios and retaining walls, as well as re-roofing and siding jobs.

Trash and recyclables: may not be placed out for collection before 6 PM the night before collection and containers must be removed by 10 PM on collection days. Bucks County has a hazardous waste disposal program; the Township hauler will not collect hazardous materials or televisions.

Pets: may not be permitted to run at large, and may not be permitted to annoy neighbors through noise, odor or other offensive properties. Droppings must be picked up and disposed of in the trash.

Property Maintenance Codes: limit the height of grass and weeds to 10”. Shrubs and trees must be cut back at intersections to provide visibility and must be cleared to a height of 9’ over public sidewalks and 14’ over all roadways.

Snow Storms: All vehicles must be removed from the streets when a “snow emergency” is declared. Sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours of the end of the snowfall. Snow may not be deposited onto any public street or right of way.

Junked vehicles: may not be stored outside on any property within the Township. Junked vehicles are defined as not having current inspection or registration, or not be roadworthy.

Obstructions: Residents are reminded that obstructions over any street or right of way are prohibited. These include basketball nets, which must be pulled back so as not to extend beyond the curb line.

Water discharge: from swimming pools may not be directed onto another person’s property, or onto any public street.

Open burning: is prohibited in the Township.

Please contact the Code Enforcement Office at 215-322-9700 x123 for further information.

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