IRS & Phone Scams


The Upper Southampton Township Police have recently investigated several incidents involving an alleged IRS agent calling residents claiming they had unpaid taxes. The caller can be very aggressive demanding payment. This is a scam and the IRS will never contact people via the phone.  Please click on the following link to become more educated on this scam:  Another similar scam involves callers threatening debt collection and are claiming to be from the Office of Attorney General to collect an unpaid payday loan or other debt

Please be aware of other phone scams such as the Sweepstakes scam where callers claim to represent a sweepstakes company awarding a prize to the consumer, which can be claimed once the consumer sends a payment to cover processing fees and taxes. The Tech Support scam is when consumers are contacted alleging they detected viruses or other malware (malicious software) on the consumer's computer.   Next, to build the consumer's confidence, the scammer will retrieve a "serial number" that is actually just a product code number associated with any computer using Microsoft or another operating system.  Most consumers do not have the technological expertise to make this distinction. They assume the scammer is legitimate and that there is a virus on their computer, so they turn over login and password information. Some scammers even request credit card information for payment for the "services rendered."

Never give out personal information or billing information over the telephone.  Most importantly never wire money or purchase green dot-type prepaid cash cards in response to a telephone appeal, whether it is from a stranger or someone who claims to know you.