Citations & Parking Tickets

Traffic Citation

If you have received a traffic citation from an officer of the Upper Southampton Township Police Department you have two options:

  1. You can respond to the citation by pleading guilty to the offense and mailing your fines and costs to District Court by following the directions on the rear of the citation.
  2. You can respond to the citation by pleading not guilty to the offense and request a hearing before the District Justice by following the directions on the rear of the citation. A date and time will then be mailed to you from the District Justice so you will be able to have a summary hearing on the citation. The officer who issued you the citation will be present at the hearing to present evidence for the Commonwealth and you will have an opportunity to present your defense.

For information on the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code visit: PA Vehicle Code

The District Court for Upper Southampton Township

District Court 07-2-01
Hon. William Benz Esq.
60 Township Road
Richboro, PA 18954
Phone: 215-322-0144

For directions, visit this Google Maps page.

Parking Ticket

If you have received a parking ticket from an Upper Southampton Township police officer you have two options:

  1. You can plead guilty to the parking ticket and pay the $20.00 fine. This payment can either be mailed to the Upper Southampton Township Police Department or done in person at the police station during normal business hours.
  2. You can contest the parking ticket by not responding to it within the allotted 10 days. After failing to respond, you will be sent a State Non-Traffic citation for violating the Township parking ordinance. The instructions on how to respond to this citation are the same as with a State issued traffic citation listed above.

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Criminal History/Background Checks

The Upper Southampton Township Police Department is not able to perform criminal history/background checks for private citizens. They may be obtained through application with the Pennsylvania State Police using the below link.

PA Criminal History Check

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Dog License's

Dog licenses are no longer available to be purchased at the Upper Southampton Township Police Department. They are now only able to be bought directly from the County of Bucks.

Please click on the below link for dog license information: Bucks County Dog License

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FingerprintOfficers from the Upper Southampton Township Police Department are available to do non-criminal fingerprinting for residents and non-residents. The service of fingerprinting is usually needed for purposes such as employment and securities applications. (Persons must provide their own fingerprint cards).

Non-criminal fingerprinting is done during the below times:

Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
(No fingerprinting is done during national holidays)

There is a $20 fee for the service of fingerprinting.

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How do I email a complaint?

To send us a complaint, please use our Report A Problem Online form.

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Identity Theft

Each year, more than 10 million Americans have their personal information -- including name, social security number, bank account or credit card numbers stolen. Often times, thieves use this information to open phony credit card, bank or utility accounts. Identity theft can have a far reaching and disastrous impact on victims by destroying their personal credit, preventing them from purchasing a home or even getting a job. Those who fall prey often face an uphill battle to restore their good name.

If you believe you are a victim of Identity Theft, you must takes steps quickly to ensure that further damage is not done to your credit. You will need to file a report with the Upper Southampton Twp. Police Department and this can be done in one of two ways. First, you can come to the police department during normal business hours and speak to an officer. Second, you can contact the Bucks County Radio room at 215-357-8900 and request an officer respond to your residence. This can be done at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The officer will take an initial report and you will be given an ID Theft Affidavit packet which you will need to complete.

You can download the ID Theft Packet including the Affidavit from the below link:

ID Theft Packet

For additional resources, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission at the below link:

FTC website

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Megan's Law

Like most other states, Pennsylvania has a "Megan's Law" statute. This law is designed to protect citizens from sexual predators by requiring that sex offenders register with the Pennsylvania State Police. The State Police in turn notify local police departments which patrol communities in which offenders reside.

There are two classes of offenders as defined by Megan's Law.

A "sexual offender" is an individual who has been convicted of a sexually violent offense. Sexual offenders are required to register all current residences and intended residences with the Pennsylvania State Police. While the Upper Southampton Township Police Department is aware of such individuals via State Police notification, we cannot, by law, make their information public.

A "sexually violent predator" is a sexual offender who is found to possess a mental abnormality or personality disorder that makes the individual likely to engage in predatory sexually violent offenses. Not all sexual offenders are considered to be sexually violent predators. A sexually violent predator is subject to both the registration and lifetime community notification requirements of Megan's Law.

In cases involving sexually violent predators, we will conduct a community notification process as permitted by state law, including a community notification flyer which contains the name of the predator, the predator's address, the offense for which the predator was convicted, a statement that the person has been designated to be a sexually violent predator, and a photograph of the sexually violent predator.

Under state law, notice is provided to the neighbors of the sexually violent predator, meaning those persons who live or work within 250 feet of the predator's residence or the 25 most immediate residences and places of employment in proximity to the predator's residence, whichever is greater.

Notice is also provided to the director of the county children and youth service agency of the county where the predator resides, the superintendent of each school district and the equivalent official for private and parochial schools enrolling students up through grade 12 in the municipality where the predator resides, the superintendent of each school district and the equivalent official for each private and parochial school located within a one-mile radius of where the sexually violent predator resides, the licensee of each certified day care center and licensed preschool program and owner/operator of each registered family day care home in the municipality where the sexually violent predator resides, and the president of each college, university and community college located within 1,000 feet of the predator's residence.

Please Click on the below site for further information:

Pennsylvania State Police Megan's Law Site

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Neighborhood Bike Works

The Upper Southampton Township Police Department and The Kiwanis Club have teamed up to donate their found and unclaimed bicycles to the Neighborhood Bike Works of Philadelphia. Southampton Kiwanis member Richard Hartnett was responsible for presenting and organizing the Bike Works program to Chief David Schultz and the Township.

Neighborhood Bike Works' (NBW) mission is to promote youth development by offering educational, recreational, and career-building opportunities through bicycling. It also promotes cycling as a healthy, environment-friendly form of transportation

NBW began in 1996 as a Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia project called Youth Cycle & Recycle. It incorporated as an independent non-profit in 1999. NBW established its current headquarters at St. Mary's Church (40th & Locust Walk) in 2000, and opened the Haddington Neighborhood Shop at 60th & Vine in 2002

NBW offers classes on bike repair and bike safety after school, on weekends, and in the summer. Students complete a 7-week basic Earn a Bike class teaching repair, safe and effective urban cycling, fitness, and environmental responsibility, and work together to fix up used bikes donated by the community. Upon completion, each earns a bike, a helmet and lock. After school activities have always been free to youth aged 8 to 18; weekend and advanced programming are open to graduates of basic classes.

NBW creates positive out-of-school-time activities for young people. The key to its success has been through mentoring and positive role models. A dedicated staff of workers and volunteers run the two bike shops and associated programs. Many past participants have remained involved, improving their skills while earning hours (NBW's currency) used to buy parts and accessories. Since its inception, NBW has introduced over a thousand young Philadelphians to the joys and freedom of cycling in the city.

If you would like more information, or would like to make a donation to the Neighborhood Bike Works, please click on the below link:

Neighborhood Bike Works

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Obtaining an Accident Report

Copies of police traffic accident reports are available to persons who are involved in the accident or are named somewhere on the report. In the case of minors, their parents or legal guardians may obtain a report on their behalf. Insurance companies are also able to obtain copies of the reports for persons making a policy claim.

There are two types of accident reports:

"Reportable Traffic Accident": This accident report is required by the State to be completed when one of the following criteria is met: a) there are injuries reported at the scene by any person involved, b) one of the vehicles involved suffered enough damage that required it to be towed from the scene, c) there was significant property damage.

"Non-Reportable Traffic Accident": This accident report is only of basic operator, vehicle and insurance information. It is completed when the criteria of a reportable traffic accident is not met.

Please note that reportable traffic accident reports must be processed through the State and will be available no earlier than 10 business days after the accident. Non-Reportable traffic accident reports will be available two business days after the accident.

To obtain a copy of an accident report:

There is a $15.00 fee for Reportable accidents
There is a $10.00 fee for Non-Reportable accidents

When requesting an accident report, please be sure to provide your name, address, vehicle involved in the accident and the date, time and location of the accident.

In Person - Reports are available at the following times at lobby of the Police Department:

Monday - Friday 9:00 am. to 4:00 pm (Closed on Holidays)

By Mail - enclose a check or money order with your request, and send it to:

Upper Southampton Township Police Department
939 Street Road
Southampton, PA 18966

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